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The most popular frame bed, Malö, has an extra-high spring system, which gives almost the same feeling you get from a continental bed, a feeling of being weightless. However you lie on Malö, the mattress will adapt to your body.

Price is not including legs or headboard. It is available in different colours and textiles.

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20-year guarantee

For us a bed is a work of art, all our craftspeople sign their completed beds, and we provide a 20-year guarantee against breakage on springs and frames. We give a 5-year guarantee on the motorized parts of our adjustable beds. But your new bed from Carpe Diem Beds will almost certainly go on bringing pleasure to your life for much longer than that. Once you have experienced a bed from Carpe Diem Beds, no other bed will do.


All the materials used in our beds have been carefully chosen with a view to quality, comfort and the environment. The Talalay latex that we use in our mattresses and the cotton fabric in our duvets and accessories are Öko-Tex®-approved. It is important to us to only use organically grown cotton that contains no hazardous flame retardants or dyes.

All our bed models carry the Nordic 'Swan' eco-label. This means that we comply with Swan's requirements for environmental impacts throughout the bed's lifetime. No wood that is used in our beds comes from the vulnerable forest, only from environmentally-approved forestry.

Everything we do is with consideration for the environment, all the way from the forest to the bedroom. Our Nordic 'Swan' eco-labeled beds are of consistently high quality and represent the protection of the environment and sustainable consumption. So you really can sleep with a clear conscience in a Carpe Diem Bed.

Genuine craftsmanship

Deep sleep revitalizes the body and dream sleep refreshes the brain. A bed should also relieve pressure so that you avoid disturbances to blood circulation. It means our bed is incredibly important. Our skilled craftspeople know this. They work with exquisite care, and every stage of assembly is rigorously inspected. Every component of our beds is made of the highest quality materials: frames of Swedish pine bolsters of cotton and wool and mattresses upholstered with Talalay latex, wool, and cotton. Everything is carefully selected to be just right for Carpe Diem Beds and to give you great days. Your new bed will certainly go on bringing pleasure to your life for much longer than that. Once you have experienced a bed from Carpe Diem Beds, no other bed will do.

Contour Pocket System

Carpe Diem Beds’ Contour Pocket System is the result of a combination of many years' experience and research, and a relentless passion to bring the bed’s pressure relieving properties to life. Our goal is to deliver a supreme level of comfort that will help ensure you awaken, rested in body and soul, ready to take on the next day of your life with a smile. 

Without compromising on quality or reliability, we have now refined the pocket spring technique in our spring system by focusing on the primary concept of an individual spring system. 

Thanks to this new technique, all subsequent testing has shown that the longevity and durability of Carpe Diem Beds’ Contour Pocket System has increased. 

Usually, upholstery is placed above the spring system. In our patented spring system, we upholster every individual spring. This maintains the effect of each spring against the body, and we are delighted to say that the difference is remarkable.  

Your wellbeing has been the focus of the development of Carpe Diem Beds’ Contour Pocket System and it has been designed to give you the best possible start every morning.  

Designed to fit your life perfectly

Style, like comfort, means different things to everyone - and our range of beds and accessories is designed to inspire creativity and nurture uniqueness.

We believe beds should not only soothe the body, but also the soul. That is why ours provide a perfect balance of luxurious comfort and exquisite style.

With a range of legs, headboards, fabrics and functions, you are free to customise your bed to reflect your taste, personality and needs. And, as trends come in and out of vogue, you can simply update accessories without replacing your bed.

Carpe Diem's dream is that your bed becomes an integral part of your life, providing years of restful sleep and aesthetic pleasure.

Dear customer, On this website you can discover our vast collection and compose - and if you wish to purchase or ordering some of the articles, then do not hesitate to give us a call: +34 951 242 092 or send an email: For the time being, our articles cannot be purchased online.

Counter Pocket 15 cm
Pocket 13 cm
Woodframe 17 cm

Price for the boxmattress only.

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